Quesadillas are one of the easiest and quickest snack items you can make, so if you are feeling lazy or just in the mood for something cheesy, then I have the recipe for you! Within 15 minutes you can serve up this delicious item for yourself or for others, it is okay they are delicious you are allowed to be selfish for these!

The great thing with this recipe is that this is a basic form of the recipe, you can easily add whatever other fillings you want, for example a black bean mixture flavoured with a Cajun spice mix and spinach, or go as simple as just peppers and tomatoes, it is really up to you what you want to pick to put in this great vegetarian friendly dish. For the vegans out there of course, you can substitute the cheese for a vegan alternative and join in the fun too!


  • 1 Flour Tortilla (this will make 2 quesadillas)
  • Grated Cheese (of your choice, I recommend a blend of several cheeses of Montgomery jack, mozzarella, gouda, and Mexican cheese)
  • Olive Oil
  • 1 Pepper (any colour, or a mix)
  • 5 Cherry Vine Tomatoes
  • Chilli Flakes (if you are not using a cheese blend)
  • Salt
  • Black Pepper


  • Firstly, prepare the filling, in this case I am using peppers and tomatoes (cherry vine tomatoes) so dice these finely ready for the quesadilla.
  • In a large pan that can fit the tortilla wrap inside, heat up to a medium high heat, a small amount of olive oil, enough to stop anything getting stuck to the pan.
  • Place the tortilla flat in the pan, then on one half of the tortilla, place a generous amount of grated cheese, be sure to not go too close to the edges of the tortilla.
  • Then place your filling options, in this recipe its peppers and tomatoes, on top of the cheese.
  • Season lightly with salt, black pepper, and some chilli flakes, you really do not need a lot here as there are the natural flavours from the cheese and your filling choice.
  • Let the cheese begin to melt, check the underside of the tortilla if it is starting to get brown, then flip the empty side of the tortilla over the filling so you have a folded tortilla with the filling in the middle and press down on it gently with a spatula.
  • After a few minutes on this side, flip the entire quesadilla over and gently fry the other side, be careful when flipping that none of the contents come out.
  • Once the tortilla has browned and the cheese has melted it is ready to serve, all that is left is to cut the quesadilla in half and enjoy!

And it really is as simple as that, within 15 minutes you have got yourself a delicious snack or even a lunch item. As I said before the beauty of this recipe is its flexibility and how you can add whatever you really want in there as your filling along with the cheese! If you have any questions feel free to drop a comment or email me, I look forward to hearing your thoughts!

See you soon!

Sattvic Comforts

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