About Me

Sattvic Comforts

Hey there! Welcome to Sattvic Comforts, a site dedicated to comfort food that follows the Sattvic diet. However this site is not just for those of us who have a Sattvic diet but for anyone that wishes to explore new ideas in food.

For those who do not know what a Sattvic diet, I will be going into more depth in the future of what a Sattvic diet consists of, and the benefits it can bring to one’s health.

You may also be asking yourself why am I doing this, and for this there are several reasons:

  • While I may not have been cooking for a long time I have often had very encouraging feedback, where people have asked for my recipes, and so I thought that will be an easier way to reach more people
  • To share the possibilities that are out there, as there are many of us who follow a Sattvic diet who may not necessarily see how many options there are out there for us
  • To also share my journey as I explore and develop my hobby and skill within cooking

So with this I decided to create this site after being encouraged to share my food and knowledge, and I would love to connect with others who have the same diet or a similar interest in this type of food and to share these ideas.

On this is site I will be posting my recipes along with photos of the final result, in the hopes that I can inspire others to try these recipes out and see the wonderful variety of foods that can be created within a Sattvic diet.

And with that I hope to see more of you soon and to inspire you in the coming future, so keep an eye out for more posts to find out more about me and what I’m cooking up.

See you soon,

Sattvic Comforts