Tagliatelle Alfredo

A simple white sauce pasta, it is cheesy and while it looks fancy it is not that hard to make at all. This is a perfect midweek meal to make for your friends and family and it will be sure to impress them too! Unfortunately, this is not a vegan friendly recipe unless you can … Continue reading Tagliatelle Alfredo


Enchiladas. The Mexican wrap full of goodness and has plenty of versatility! I love this recipe as it is simple with only a few ingredients and does not take that long at all. It gets even better as it is perfectly suitable lunch or dinner options for both vegetarians and vegans, if you use vegan … Continue reading Enchiladas

Chilli Paneer

For those of you who know me, will know that this is one of, if not my favourite dish, and one that I have made many times. It is such a good recipe that it got me through my 3 years at university while living out, and in that time, I have refined it to … Continue reading Chilli Paneer

Cauliflower Wings

Sometimes you just need a nice side dish, so why not cauliflower wings? The vegetarian and vegan version of the traditional wings that are often found at parties and gatherings. So, who says you have to miss out on the fun as well? With a few minutes of preparation and letting the oven do the … Continue reading Cauliflower Wings

Barbecue Paneer

As summer is upon us, many of us will be wanting to get our barbecues and grills out and cook outside, but as vegetarians, what can we make? Paneer skewers of course! This recipe is simple and easy, all it involves is making a simple marinade, assembling the skewers and cooking on the barbecue, so … Continue reading Barbecue Paneer

Channa Masala

One of my personal favourite Indian dishes that I know how to make, channa masala, otherwise known as a chickpea curry. Great served with naan bread or jeera rice, completely vegan and vegetarian, and a great source of protein! It is a spicy, simple recipe that everyone can enjoy, even though it may look complicated, … Continue reading Channa Masala


Quesadillas are one of the easiest and quickest snack items you can make, so if you are feeling lazy or just in the mood for something cheesy, then I have the recipe for you! Within 15 minutes you can serve up this delicious item for yourself or for others, it is okay they are delicious … Continue reading Quesadillas

Eggless Pancakes

Pancakes. A nice sweet option for breakfast for those of you that have a sweet tooth, and much like my other recipes there is lots of flexibility. If you want to mix blueberries in them for example go for it, if you are like me and prefer nutella and golden syrup, you can do it … Continue reading Eggless Pancakes

Homemade Indian Wraps

For those of you who know me well will know that I love the meatless options that are becoming available. Within the past few years this category of food has exploded with variety and for us vegetarians and vegans, and it is so awesome to have more sources of protein as well as versatility to … Continue reading Homemade Indian Wraps